Manifest Your Destiny ~ It’s in Your Hands


heartDuring this two-part workshop we will clarify your unique life-fulfillment-formula and gain deeper insights into who you. You can heal your life with hand analysis. 

Is it time to manifest your highest potential?  In this workshop you and your co-participants hands and fingerprints will be decoded, personal blocks will be identified, tools will be offered to remove those blocks, unique mantras will prepared, and you’ll get to know yourself at a more profound level. Imagine improved relationships, personal goals attained, and a life lived with meaning. It’s all in your hands!

Dates:  TBD 

What to Expect:

  • Your hands and fingerprints decoded to reveal your life-fulfillment-forumula
  • Identify blocks and barriers
  • Receive a personalized rescue kit for purposeful living
  • Understand your love style and learn to how to articulate your needs in relationships
  • Receive personalized mantras derived from your unique handprints
  • Together we build a unique blending of your sacred ingredients

Part I

Reading Your Palms

  • Key markings in your and your co-participants hands will be identified, decoded and discussed
  • Complete a personalized worksheet with your gift, wisdom and challenge markers
  • Identify blocks to your success and receive personalized mantras to assist you in overcoming those blocks
  • Join together to share your stories related to your new insights
  • Receive a mini-reading

Part II

Reading Your Fingerprints

  • Your life purpose will be decoded and described
  • Your life lessons will be framed into inspiring challenge statements
  • Consider what conscious living is all about
  • Complete a personalized life purpose mastery worksheet
  • Receive a unique mantra to live with purpose

Learn how to manifest your destiny by defining and implementing tools that you can use for a life time in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Personal transformation is highly probable because the unique inscriptions on your hands are used during the entire workshop. Let’s unleash your inner wisdom, now!

Remember, your life is in your hands!


I was running on auto-pilot for a while. The class really helped me to get more focused on my soul’s purpose! – Brandy

Thank You So Much Kay !! This information will help so much. You have such a healing loving environment in your classroom. This was a transformational weekend educationally as well as spiritually for me.  -Astara