Learn How to Read Hands – Decipher the sacred code contained in the skin carvings on the hands and fingerprints through the American Academy of Hand Analysis with Director and Master Teacher, Kay Packard, M.A..  Gain deeper insights into your own Soul’s code, start your own practice or add this art & science to your existing practice.  Curriculum  *  Video link  

Hand Analysis Sessions for Adults – Your fingerprint patterns and hands will be decoded to reveal your life path, life lesson and life purpose. Other characteristics of the palm and gift markings as they appear will also be discussed. You’ll take away additional tools for achieving your personal power based on the blue print in your fingerprints and hands. Schedule your private 1.5 hour session over the phone for only $497.00US. A printing kit is provided along with easy instructions to print your hands. 

Printing KidsHand Analysis for Children and Teens – Parents, learn more about your children through the information decoded from their fingerprints and hands. Bring your child in for a reading to discover their potentials, harmonies, discords, style of relating, life purpose and life lessons. Then watch your relationship bloom! Imagine the guidance you can offer your child as a result of this new insight!  Click to see Project Snowflake.


Hand Analysis for Families, Couples and Business Partners – All individual’s sets of hands will be read to describe the character of each person. We’ll delve into the heart line which defines the emotional profile for expression and relating to others. Two or three sets of hands can be integrated for understanding, clarity and potentials for living in a more successful and fulfilling relationship. Printing kits are provided along with easy instructions to print your hands. Pricing depends on the number of individuals included.

Soul in Your Hands Soul Centered Coaching – Getting the results you want in life is done more quickly and with greater ease with a guide. Climbing Mt. Everest requires a guide to steer and support.  When maneuvering through class 5 rapids on the river it’s crucial to have a guide. The gymnastic coach teaches the gymnast how to score a “10”. The coach has confidence, expertise and skill to help identify the target, focus the aim and penetrate the target.  Let’s put you on your power path. We’ll uncover and clarify what it is you’re truly wanting.  We’ll find out what is in between you and accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your dreams.  Use the Contact Form to schedule a free deep discovery session to hear more about 90-day, 6 month and 1-year packages. More

Tapping with KayEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – You can be freed from emotional, mental, and physical discomfort. EFT has been effective for relief of emotional and physical symptoms such as: stress, anxiety, depression, body pain, cravings, addictions, excess weight, traumatic memories, and more. Release points near the surface of the skin are tapped on to balance the body’s electrical system and clear the energy pathways. In essence, the charge causing discomfort and unwanted behaviors is unplugged and the energy is released and dissolved. EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything.  I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more information.

Guest Speaking and Workshops – Bring in the Hand Reader to educate your audience about the secrets held in their hands. Participate in interactive group setting to experience new personal depths. It’s fun and extremely insightful! 

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