Frequently Asked Questions

How is hand and fingerprint analysis different from palm reading?
There are similarities between the two. Hand analysis considers the entire hand from the lines on the palms, color and shape of the hand, sections of the fingers AND the patterns on the finger tips. It all has significance and identifies the unique you. With this system, you’ll discover your life purpose and the barriers in getting to your full potential. You’ll be exposed to tools and techniques for taking your life into your own hands. Unlike most people’s perception of palmistry, hand analysis is NOT predictive and is not fortune-telling.

How does this REALLY work? What’s happening here?
Just like your doctor can read your tongue to help read the symptoms of your health, your hand analyst can decode various information in your hands to reveal characteristics, strengths, gifts and challenges in your life.

What can I expect to take away from a hand reading with you?
You’ll receive a clear definition of your life path and life purpose. Also, the lesson themes of your life will be described to you. You’ll walk away with more awareness and understanding about the significance of the ‘good times’ and the ‘bad times’ in your life. Tools for you to see these ‘obstacles’ as allies will be explained. Antidotes and suggestions for transforming weaknesses into strengths are explored and defined.

Are you going to tell me when I’m going to die?
No. This system does not practice fortune telling, predictive or psychic methods. There may be an appropriate and helpful place for these practices, but not here. I do not and cannot read timelines for events. I have not been trained to perform predictive readings.

Can the lines on the hand change over time?
Yes, everything in the hand can change except the fingerprint patterns. The lines can change by getting longer, shorter, curvier or straighter. New lines can appear and old ones may disappear.

This sounds like counseling. Is this counseling?
I read what I see in your hands based on the training I’ve received. I am not a licensed therapist nor have I practiced as a professional counselor. I am a certified hand analyst with the International Institute of Hand Analysis. I offer council related to what I read in your hands.

What do you say to skeptics?
An individual with an uninformed opinion may be living a less than fulfilling life. I invite questions from skeptics. If I don’t have the answer, the skeptic directs me to find it. I want to explore every aspect of this science (and art).

How do you integrate Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with hand and fingerprint analysis?

Since June 2007 I’ve been observing the responses I receive from clients regarding the root cause of their emotional and physical issues.  Through a quick series of questions, a person is able to tap into the core issue or belief that is blocking and sabotaging their success.  Most often, this core issue is directly related to the persons life lessons, based on their fingerprints.  As this correlation appears, I present effective and clearly identifiable antidotes to address the core issue while tapping on the pressure points near the surface of the skin.  Together we release the gripping hold of the intensity, see from a new perspective and gracefully move forward.  Personalized notes are provided so that the client can recall and reuse the words and tapping technique on their own.  The life lessons never go away, but the strength they bring will become much more apparent and enriching!  Our life lessons are to be embraced as allies.  EFT expedites the ability to get into the game with the lessons and win!

How does your coaching practice tie into my hand analysis?
Coaching will carry you deeper into self discovery because we focus on your particular issues and lessons according to your hands. Your ‘shadow’ will be explored so that you can understand it to allow you to transform avoidance of the shadow into embracing it. Life lessons are likened to the soil of the most beautiful and fragrant flower. Together we’ll cultivate your your root system growing in the soil to create an ultimate foundation for you to come into full bloom. Be prepared for immediate results and breakthroughs.

Why is more than one session is recommended?
The blue print for your entire existence is carved into your fingerprints and your hands. Think of the time it takes to construct a school campus. The blueprint is the foundation and is used at every step of the way. Buildings, cafeteria, walk-ways, landscaping are a few of the outside factors. Plumbing, electrical wiring, rebar, heating and cooling are hidden on the inside. Then think about what goes on in each of the class rooms after the school is built. During breaks the quad are clad with a variety of expressions.

You are all this and more.

This is dedicated and prioritized time for inquiring and knowing your soul self more deeply. What greater gift is there to give to your self and others? To go deeper and to assemble your most meaningful life, I encourage you to consider investing in 9 sessions. What will you get? It’s up to you, but others have said “profound clarity and self acceptance for living LIFE fully.”

Why do you read hands?
I love facilitating personal transformation and this is an excellent tool for doing that. I have found this is an effective and reliable way to assist people to discover deeper truths. Plus, people ask me to read their hands because of the recommendations from their friends who have had readings. Just knowing your life purpose promotes positive development. Illustrating the life lessons and their value is supportive of the soul’s growth.

How did you become interested in Hand Analysis?
I am a ‘seeker’ of knowledge and understanding life. I had wanted to know my life purpose for a number of years. My friend, Meg inspired me to have a life purpose reading. I couldn’t make my appointment fast enough! Since my first reading I’ve studied like a wild woman and now have read thousands of hands and fingerprints.

Do you teach others how to read hands?
Yes.  I’ve been teaching Intensive weekend workshops since 2007. Not only do the students learn how to decode the fingerprint patterns to tell a person their reasons for being, but they also walk away with deeper and profound awareness about themselves. I founded the American Academy of Hand Analysis in June 2010 where I teach 4 levels of training programs as well as an assortment of workshops.

What is your life purpose?
My life purpose is to provide service as a pioneer. The pioneer is creative and innovative in all endeavors, specializing as a  mentor and a coach for others on their life path. Service is about choosing to service others and self. I choose to service in an innovative and profoundly creative way.

What is your life lesson?
Let’s say, I have my shadow too. Please ask me during a session and I’ll share it with you and how it has launched me into a new level of awakening.

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