2-for-1 End of Summer Special

Two 90-minute hand readings for the price of one

Purchase between September 3 and 21, 2018

A special someone’s hands, along with yours, will be read to:

·       Know and connect with your Life Purpose 

·       Harness your challenges for optimal success in partnerships and life

·       Clarify your particular love style in relationships

·       Lovingly articulate your relationship requirements

·       Identify your unique strengths (for use in family, business, career, relationship or free-time)

·       Address and minimize (or even eliminate) personal barriers for living fully and completely

·       Get to know yourself at a deeper and more profound level

This end-of-summer special is for you and a friend, sibling, parent, mate, child, colleague, or business partner.

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer during this limited time. Only 10 bookings (20 appointment slots) are available so act quickly.

People have told me, “Kay your work…

  • Saved my life (yes, it’s true)
  • Conveyed personal truths about me in one hour that took 2 years in therapy
  • Gave me very helpful strategies to connect better with my mate
  • Helped me to truly realize my daughter is on her own ‘perfect’ journey
  • Boosted me with positive career counsel
  • Helped me with my career advancement and change
  • Gave me permission to live from my authentic self
  • Revived hope for living again
  • Validated what I already knew about myself but was terrified of being
  • Understood why I am the way I am – helped me to see how everyone else is too

Two 90-minute hand readings for the price of one

Purchase between Sep. 3 and 21 and receive 2 readings for $497

Space available for 10 bookings (20 readings)

Regular fees will resume after Sep. 21, 2018 or when 10 slots are reserved, which ever comes first.

Also for Hand Readers who:

  • Are too close to friends and family to give non-biased readings
  • Want to observe Kay’s style of reading and speaking about the story in the hand
  • Want to capture Kay’s reading template, follow-up questions and participate in the free 20-minute follow-up session

Steps to make this happen:

1.     Click the “Buy Now” button (below) to pay $497 for both you and your friend. (If you prefer to send a check, simply contact Kay via the Contact Form to reserve your space and get Kay’s mailing address)

Or each person can each click the “Buy Now” button (below) to individually pay $250 each. After each of person has paid for their private 90-minute session the scheduling process will continue via email.

2.     Each person will be sent an ink kit to take handprints along with video instructions. (It’s easy.)

3.     To assure timely scheduling, plan to return your handprints to Kay per instructions with the ink kit within 7 days of receipt.

4.     After Kay receives the handprints you will receive an email or phone call you to schedule your sessions in September or October via phone or Skype. Both of you can join together to hear each other’s readings or each person can schedule a private session. We’ll connect using a webinar meeting link via your computer. Meeting over the phone is an option too.

5. After your readings you’ll both be invited to answer stimulating questions to anchor some of the most critical elements of your reading. 

6. We’ll schedule your 20-minute bonus follow-up session before the end of the year.

Hand reading sessions will be conducted in September and October 2018; week days, some evenings and Sundays.

Act today to reserve your spots for yourself and another special person in your life. 

Two 90-minute hand readings for the price of one

Click below to easy-full-pay for two 90-minute hand readings for the price of one – $497


Each individual click below to purchase one reading – $250 each


This price includes hand-printing kits, self-addressed stamped return envelopes, brief notes from the reading, an audio recording of the session and follow-up questions.

Bonus Offerings

#1 Each person will receive a free 20 minute follow-up session before the end of the year

#2 Receive one copy of Kay’s book, Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living

This is truly an amazing opportunity to strengthen relations between two people.

– Partners see and treat each other with more compassion

– Parents understand and appreciate the path their child has embarked upon

– Business partners gain greater success and revenue in their business

– Sisters gain deeper insight to deepen bonds to unimaginable levels

The last time I made this offer all slots filled up. Only 20 appointment slots are available.  To guarantee your sessions at this very special price, click the “Buy Now” button (above). If you have questions send them to Kay via the Contact Form. 


“This reading was an experience I will never forget. There is no other way you could have known these specifics about me and I have gain both a respect for your art form and a new confidence to proceed with my life.” – Julie

“I came away from the reading reinvigorated, delighted and with renewed focus!!! You brilliantly found a door that had not yet been opened pertaining to my Life Purpose. I was taken to a completely new level for me.” – Anne

Contact Kay to get all of your questions answered about this very special offering.

I look forward to helping you both discover, explore and connect with your life purpose. Spread the word.  Tell a friend.  Have some fun.