Life Lessons

By Kay Packard

Pretend that before birth we elected to come to this beautiful, mysterious, radical, and colorful planet.  When we did, we had a series of boxes to mark before checking in at the gate with our e-ticket.  The boxes presented choices of what to experience during our journey on Earth.  I don’t know what all the options were to choose from but I bet we all picked


busYep, you just may have signed up to become scholarly in specific areas at the life-university.   At this point are you saying “OK, already; enough learned” or “My lessons are coming at just the right pace” or “Bring it on, I want more”?  Perhaps the answer changes at various times of the year, month or day.  We’re constantly being exercised and challenged to become well-informed, well-read, well educated and wise on this life-path.   

Through hand reading many scenarios of lessons can be revealed.  Just like in school, patterns are repeated so we ‘get it’.  The call for exposure to the ‘horrendous’ experiences never disappears.  After all, we checked the box to develop our least evolved skill.  The life-lesson is our tallest hurdle, largest road block, and most obvious blind spot.  If we could actually recognize it we’d most likely wish it away– Poof.  However, avoiding it does a terrible disservice to you, others, the planet and the Universe.  

When analyzed, the hands unveil the life lessons.  One of many examples is the lesson of surrender.  Perhaps for you intimate relationships with a partner continually confronts your patience, emotions, communication skills, and trust issues.  Maybe you’ve surrendered yourself too much in the early stages then found out the match wasn’t made in heaven.  Maybe your style is not to trust the other or possibly yourself.  Through the relationship experiences (apparent dead ends) you enhance your skills in the relationship department.  You’re learning how to communicate and trust in relationship.  You’re attaining knowledge to give of yourself appropriately in a balanced way so that the relationship is fulfilling and complete.  Because the skill is in process of being mastered, it wouldn’t be uncommon to go through a few partners before getting it right.  

Another example of a life lesson is violation.  One is violated when their physical, mental, or emotional space is infringed upon and disregarded.  To some, the tax collection process is a form of violation.  For others, focus is placed on the many new laws taking away our choices.  Outrage is a result of feeling transgressed or usurped.  If violation were your life lesson, you’d see a trend of feeling violated over the course of your life.  What you’re learning is to confront the abuse and stand your ground, and as a result you’re developing rock-solid inner personal power.  This power creates a new level of strength at each junction of it’s test.  

One more example is apathy.  Apathy, indifference, lack of emotion could be associated with a fear of rejection or a feeling of ‘not belonging’.  You might say “my style, philosophy, inventions, and/or conceptions, don’t fit in”.  Creativity blocks result from this space of numbness.  What you’re learning is to be true to your craft as the pioneer.  You’re realizing that you belong to YOU!  You’re discovering how to put your self ‘out there’ and appreciate yourself as an individual; a truly unique and original somebody. 

Lessons REALLY are our FRIENDS! With the right view of and appreciation for the learning opportunities we can quickly transmute them into knowledge, wisdom, confidence, satisfaction and even joy.  The result will fuel your life purpose and amplify your passion for living.  Whether we’re pretending or not, you’re allowed to have fun at life-university.  Chuckling and giggling at our selves is highly recommended!

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