The Hermit

The heart line in your hand is one of the significant etchings in your palm.  A large part of your emotional requirements system can be deciphered from this one line.  The heart line starts on the outer edge of your palm, under your pinkie finger, and runs along the top of the palm closest to the base of your fingers. See the print below with red arrow pointing to the line in the palm.  The termination of the line is the key factor in determining your emotional preferences. 

Since we use our emotions when interacting with others, I use this line to identify your relationship requirements system. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have the ability to understand, clarify and articulate how you like to be treated in relationship?

Heart Lines 101

The Hermit

Non-negotiable Need:  Freedom

True Love: Work and projects

Shows love by: Doing

Gift: Loyalty 


 The Hermit heart line is easy to see in this print (above).  The red arrow is pointing to the starting point.  It terminates beneath the middle finger.  

It’s best not to ask the Hermit to choose between you and their projects.  Their love of work doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Their projects may be completed with you in mind. Watch for ways they show their love by doing.  Taking care of the yard and car maintenance can be translated into “I love you, honey.”  While their loyalty is a gift, it wouldn’t be smart to take advantage of their good nature. 

Because this heart line is short, there is less desire for emotional connection.  It doesn’t mean they don’t want or like associations, but there is less inclination for relationship.  They will prefer fewer high quality and lasting bonds than a high quantity of touchy-feely connections. The Hermit is practical and traditional.  Because emotions, like water, are often unpredictable, it’s better to give the Hermit time to marinate on their feelings.  They have them, but it takes time to form the water to a container that makes ‘sense’.   

If you live with a Hermit, one of the most beneficial things you can do is 1) allow space and 2) do not pressure for a response to an emotional situation.  If you find yourself saying,” Tell me how you’re feeling,” W A I T and be unconditionally patient for a response.  It may take a week or two.  And if you’re a Hermit, you will benefit by communicating and keeping an open heart.  

Be on the watch in my next newsletter for a brief description of the Big Heart.

Note of caution:  You have TWO hands, therefore two heart lines. The description from the heart lines are only one aspect of so many that can be read in the hands.  Also, this is not an exercise in predictions or fortune telling, although a fortune will may find!

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