The Big Heart

As a follow on to my last newsletter below are more juicy tips on how to determine a persons preferences when ‘relating.’  Recall that the heart line is one of the significant etchings in your palm.  A large part of your emotional requirements system can be deciphered from this one line.  The heart line starts on the outer edge of your palm, under your pinkie finger, and runs along the top of the palm closest to the base of your fingers. The termination of the line is the key factor in determining your emotional preferences.  

Since we use our emotions when interacting with others, I use this line to identify the relationship requirements system of the owner of the hand. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have the ability to understand, clarify and articulate how you like to be treated in relationship? Knowing the preferences of others and working to meet their needs is also crucial for maintaining relationships. 

Heart-Lines 101

The Big Heart

Non-negotiable need: Connection

True Love: Sharing

Shows love by: Nurturing

Gift: Sensitivity


The Big Heart heart line is easy to see in this photo (above).  The white arrow on the left is pointing to the starting point on the outside edge of the palm.  It traverses the upper palm and ends just beneath the index (Jupiter) finger. 

The Big Heart is the ‘other’ oriented.  She (or he) is the caregiver, the generous one, the lover. He or she wants to feel connected, engaged and companionship. She likes it when people are interacting and exchanging feelings. When going to the video store she may take requests from the gang to find out what DVD everyone wants to see.  Or she may consider the mood of the group and select the best fit for their likes. Others needs and wants typically come before hers.   

The longer the heart line is, the more time the owner spends in it.  Because the heart line represents the emotional system and this heart line is long, there is strong desire for emotional connection. When connections are broken, for any reason, it hurts. Even if the relationship is unhealthy, the Big Heart may still be deeply affected. The Big Heart may have a long list of friends on facebook.

If you live with a Big Heart, one of the most beneficial things you can do is 1) include her and 2) allow her to care for you.  If you see tears rolling down the cheeks of a big heart remind her (or him) that you didn’t intend to hurt their feelings.  Gently remind them not to take your words and actions personally.  Encourage the Big Heart to own her boundaries and to keep to her own heart center as well as everyone elses.  A balanced Big Heart continues to put others first but also spends time nurturing her self.  

One of my close friends has this line of “love”.  Over the 15+ years of his marriage, he has put his wife and family’s needs and wants first.  From meal choices, vacation decisions to chores around the house, he maintains a solid, long lasting connection through his commitment to the family ties. This feels good and right to him.  I’ve also seen the fight that can come out at the slightest hint of family splintering or shattering. 

Be on the watch in my next newsletter for a brief description of the Rational Romantic.  

Note of caution:  You have TWO hands, therefore two heart lines. The description from the heart lines are only one aspect of so many that can be read in the hands.  Also, this is not an exercise in predictions or fortune telling, although a fortune will may find!  

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