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Success on the Scales

scaleWhether your goal is to maintain your weight or reduce a few pounds through the holiday season, here’s a fabulous tip. As often as you think of it, say to yourself, “My perfect and ideal weight is _____ and that’s what I weigh.” If you want to trim off a few pounds, fill in the blank with a target weight of no more than 5 pounds less than where you are now. Perhaps write it out on a piece of paper so you see it often. You’re assuring a greater probability of success by taking baby steps. Then begin to notice how your activities increase and your cravings for unnecessary foods lessen or fall away completely. Then when you reach the weight you initially pinpointed and you want to let go of another 5 say the phrase (above) with your new target. Don’t believe me, though; do it yourself and feel magnificent!

In the Light – Interview

spotlightWhen I saw Annie Hayes last week I thought to myself, “Wow, she has really slimmed down.” She’s been telling me and others about it since the beginning of the year, but I just didn’t notice until last week.  She has attended a few of my workshops including the ‘weight loss and wellness series’. I’m grateful she accepted my invitation to share her success story. I hope to capture the essence of how she released the weight. I interviewed Annie on Oct. 12, 2009. 

K: What was going on in your life when you decided to come to the weight loss and wellness workshop series in May 2008?
A: I needed something extra. I needed guidance. I needed to look at things in whole new ways.  I was upset with myself, with what I looked like, and how I was reacting to situations.

K:  How was it being in the group with others?
A: The women gave good ideas and suggestions.  We had a core group with ongoing trust.  I know I can trust those gals.  Trusting others and trusting myself was an issue why I was hiding behind the fat.  You have helped me look at those issues in a new way.  I didn’t look at it like I need to lose 10lbs right now.  I was seeing 1 or 2 pounds gone a week. I thought, Oh good, I don’t have that pound to hold on to any more.  You helped me look at and manage the stress in my life. I can handle the stress better. With less stress I don’t reach for those foods.  Like a duck, I let the water flow off my back.  I still worry but not as much.

K: Where were you and where are you now?
A: Between May ‘08 and Oct. ’09 I’ve taken off 30 lbs. That’s 30 lbs that’s no longer that’s on my body. 

K: How did you do it?
A: Tapping [Emotional Freedom Techniques] and making up affirmations.  There was one I was just reading, that we did in the workshop, that I keep in my purse, “I own my own power.”  I really like that one.

K: What does “own my own power” mean to you?
A:  I don’t get talked out of doing things I know is right.  If I think its right I won’t be talked out of it.  I’m being true to myself.  I’m not giving away my power like I used to. I’m more cognizant and aware of what I put into my mouth.  That is powerful.  I’m better controlling my food and drink.  I don’t want others to tell me what to do.  That causes me to bristle.  I realize that I gave my power away to others who were telling me what to do or who were criticizing me.  Being aware is helping me. I look at things that are said and ask, “is this true?”  That helps me see more clearly.

K: What was the most important thing you learned about yourself during this time?
A: That I am quite capable of doing anything I want to do.  I’m more than capable of doing what I want.  There was a period in my 30s when I felt so hopeless and helpless.  I couldn’t get a job or find a job.  I looked at the cup as being half empty instead of half full.  Those experiences have helped me now in my business.  And I think I’m helping the young people around me.  I explain to them what happened to me and how I’ve moved through it.
K:  Yes, based on your fingerprints, your life lesson is to learn to value yourself.  When you realize your inner worth and importance, you’re feelings of ‘worthlessness’ compel you into being the mentor, teacher, guide and advisor. 

K: What were your favorite tools for helping you achieve your goal?
A: Tapping and using affirmations. 

K: How are you maintaining your new level of success?
A: I can slip.  I notice when I start to creep back up and I say, “Ah, I need to start doing something now.”  I don’t want to get heavy again.  I haven’t been using the tapping as much, but I’ve been drinking more water which is good.  I’m more conscious.  I did other helpful things after you.  Facing the scale once a week is helpful.  I keep it [the goal] in the forefront of my mind.  I plan to start weight watchers again in Nov. to keep the objective in the front of my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fail a lot.  But I don’t give up like I did in the past.  Awareness is keeping me on track.  I know how to tap now.  I need to keep doing it.

That’s another reason I lost weight – I gave myself permission to loose weight. You helped me do that. There is no reason to hide behind it any more.  Hiding behind the weight gave me an excuse for my failures.  I used to say, “Oh I failed because I am fat.”  That was a good reason but now I don’t have to.  I’m not using that excuse any more.  I feel like my life has really expanded. 

K: What else helped you?
A: Between Nov. 08 and May 09 I did Weight Watchers.  Then I took a Family Health nutrition class once a week from Aug. 09 – Oct. 09. Again, having to face the scale each week was important.  I lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks.  That felt good.

K: What advice would you give others with a similar goal as yours?
A: To not be give up so easy.  Look at alternative methods. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else.  If that doesn’t work try something else.  Keep an open mind to allow some of this stuff to come in.  I have to tell you this tapping was weird to me when I first started.  Is she out of her mind?  That’s not going to work.  What’s wrong with you.  I was the first one…I don’t think so.  Yes, go try it, no, this is dumb, yes go try it.  This is really dumb.  Now I know it works.

 AnnieNov409Annie Hayes is the owner and operator of her landscaping and gardeningKayandAnnieNov409 business in Three Rivers, CA. She is the current leader of the of the Women’s Club membership committee of which she has been a member since 1994.