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Life Schools

By Kay Packard

Life is an everlasting experience of trial and error… if we’re lucky.  Experience is required at Earth-University!  Imagine if there are different schoolhouseschools each of us are attending, as part of our life pilgrimage.  They have the school names: Service, Love, Wisdom, and Peace.  Could each of us actually be living from a consciousness of one of these four schools?  Could the core of our soul be operating from a deeply rooted desire to advance and master one of these schools?  

Would you behave differently if you realized that you are attending one of these schools?  Would you prepare for exams and drive yourself to succeed to graduate with honors? Would you procrastinate in your studies?  Would you operate with the attitude of just getting by?   

The print patterns on a person’s finger tips can be read to identify the life-school that individual is attending. In 1985 Richard Unger founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis and he discovered that our fingerprints contain codes which reveal our life school.  They are summarized as follows: Continue reading