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Eckhart Tolle Hand Analysis

Eckhart Tolle Hand Analysis by Kay Packard, AHA 

While watching the DVD “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” on a whim I found myself sketching Eckhart Tolle’s left hand. After countless pausing, rewinding, forwarding and more pausing, the drawing below appeared.  While less accurate than a physical hand print or reading Tolle’s hand in person, I found this process to work quite well with an abundance of characteristics revealed. 


First I must admit to loving Eckhart’s hands because of the impression I sense of compassion, softness, vulnerability, sturdiness, philosophy, ancient knowledge and muse.  Would I feel this if I didn’t know ‘about’ him?  I don’t know.  I didn’t see his hands prior to my profession as a hand analyst.

Eckhart’s actual palm is probably a bit wider than my roughly sketched rendition. His fingers illustrate a slightly wispy watery element. I’ve consulted my library of hand shapes to categorize his hands. 

Fitting Eckhart’s hands into any one hand-shape type is, for me, quite a challenge. I assessed the various hand shapes popularized by D’Arpentigny and Fred Gettings.  I can see a combination of Conic, Psychic and Philosophic; in that order. 

The Conic nature is motivated by surroundings and aesthetics.  Eckhart typically has flowers on stage and references them during his lectures. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a beautiful setting within and outside his home. The Conic is typically sensitive to criticism which makes it tricky to continually show up; to be reliable.  He mentioned on the recording in 2008 in San Rafael that he had thought about retiring in the previous year.  However, he got a phone call from Oprah.  It’s hard to get more approval than a solicitation and promotion from one of the most influential and recognized women in the world! 

I see the Psychic hand in terms of slenderness and smoothness of fingers but without the pointy tips.  Eckhart displays a sense of holiness and faith.  He is contemplative. 

The air-element [rectangular and shoe-box shape] is easy to spot in his hand shape.  Therefore, I also see the Philosophic hand.  One aspect of the Philosophic hand is enlarged knots.  While I would not say Eckhart has ‘enlarged’ knots they are noticeable from the back side.  This would support his efforts to bring Divine ‘reason’ into his practice.  The Philosophic type is a truth-seeker. 

In simplest terms, I identify the hand with the elements of air (mentally seeking to understand, analytic, and investigating and witty) and water (empathetic, sensitive, receptive, caring, and adaptable).  Richard Unger’s system would classify this combination as “The Counselor.”  This is the individual who seeks to understand the emotions yet is able to step away and remain detached.  Air brings order to the waves of the storming seas.  He can appear to be aloof but he really does care – deeply. 

The conic tips, on all Eckhart’s fingers and thumbs, show his creative, artistic, impulsive, quick and intuitive nature where beauty and harmony is a preferred environment. He is influenced by his surroundings.  The backdrop of his existence, at this point, is the totality of the Universe.  The challenge for the owner of these lovely tips is disapproval.  My educated guess is Eckhart may have had to work to overcome all sorts of fear of rejection in coming out to the Western culture with such new and controversial ideas as “there is no time” and/or “your primary purpose is to align yourself with this moment without [it] being a means to an end.”  The American culture has thrived on doing as a means to an end; to succeed.  

Capturing the lines in the palms of Eckhart presented the most challenge when pausing, rewinding, forwarding, rewinding, pausing, forwarding….. the DVD on my 24” Philips Magnavox television set.  However, I feel fairly confident in my final results, as shown in my diagram.  

Without a doubt Eckhart’s life line is long and deep. I do not read the life line to predict how long the owner will live.  If I did, I’d have been dead ten years ago. My life line ends at the 6th mark, age 36, on Comte C de Saint Germain’s measurement chart.  What can be said is I began a new phase of life at that time with my divorce. 

The way I read Eckhart’s life line is that he is ‘rooted into the earth’, has ability to ‘ground’ quickly, is perhaps tied into the family values and has a strong sense of vitality and alive-ness.  He inspires listeners to live-in-the-moment and cleverly encourages using the breath as a guideline. 

Eckhart’s heart line took the most effort to identify from the freeze-framing.  At first I observed a short, earth type heart line terminating below Saturn. Pamelah Landers calls this the Hermit Heart Line.  This owner can gladly claim having a non-negotiable need for freedom.  Sanctuary is a requirement.  In Eckhart’s case, he counsels followers how to find and live in freedom through experiencing the Now.  There can be no greater freedom than being present, experiencing the formless in a moment of eternal consciousness. 

Alternatively, in one section of the DVD, I caught a glimpse (on pause) of the heart line extending up toward and ending just under Jupiter. This is the water type or Big Heart heart line which illustrates the caring, nurturing, feeling, and ‘wanting to relate’ characteristics.  At this point, because I observed both types of heart lines, I won’t settle on one.  If  I’m given the opportunity to read his hands in person, I’ll let you know. 

Something I find of great interest in Eckhart’s hand is that both his head line and his fate line have a point in the Moon zone.  The head line represents the human computing capability.  Therefore he’ll have thoughts about qualities of the Moon (see below) and he will process mentally with intuition (Moon).  Ultimately, intuition is only revealed in the Now.  Eckhart has made this quite well-known; perhaps a great discovery for the West.  Richard Unger calls the upper zone of the Moon “the Eureka zone.”  Eckhart’s discovery was brought to stage with his long Apollo fingers and Apollo line, which I’ll talk about soon.  

The Moon zone also represents intuition, meaning, subconscious, imagination, dreams, inner guidance and one’s Core Identity.  With Eckhart’s fate line navigating out of this area, he’s driven from a ‘must for meaning’.  What is meaningful? This Sage wants us to ‘Know the Source of That Which runs us’. Eckhart’s drive to understand the significance of life has been a rudder for his expedition and teachings. 

Now, combine Eckhart’s nice plump and puffy upper Mercury finger zone and we have the clever and calculating brainstormer; or reformer.  He very eloquently reframes our thoughts and beliefs to perceive consciousness (Moon).  Eckhart invites us to become aware of Presence by ceasing thought.  How can we stop our thoughts and become still?  He offers three examples: 

1) Intense activity like rock climbing where the mind is only focused on the moment of hanging on.  If other thoughts enter into the scene, the climber is at risk of falling to his/her death.

2) Some sort of shock or trauma where thought ceases to be

3) Something never-before encountered enters the environment, at which time there is no thought until some form of labeling is initiated.  Then the thoughts begin again. 

Eckhart uses his talent of reframing to describe the future as simply a thought.  There is no future; otherwise it would have been discovered by now.  Both the past and the future are only thoughts.  Once we arrive into the future, it is still the ‘now.’  And the past is undeniably gone.  We restructure our perception of the past in our mental super computer. 

This man is a natural on stage.  His myriad of facial expressions boosts his performance.  His Apollo finger is longer than Jupiter thus giving more emphasis to Apollonian ways.  His long Apollo finger symbolizes his ability to be in front of a group, expressing (Apollo) ideas (Mercury), in a very creative way.  He has made a public impact (Apollo) in the healing arts (Left Mercury).  His Apollo line beginning above his heart line and veering toward Mercury shows creative (Apollo) and optimistic (Apollo) communications (Mercury).  This flair supports his role as a successful author and speaker. 

“The Thumb is like the power station that can make talents come to life,” Vernon Mahabal declares. The set of Eckhart’s Thumb is average indicating his innate ability to accomplish.  The angle of opposition is average supporting his desired range of ‘area to manage’ but not necessarily people. He’ll like to work with a group.  Others appear to be helping him ‘guide a larger (and larger) garden’ through use of electronic media but I doubt they’re acting as soldiers under his command.  I don’t get the impression Eckhart’s goal was to penetrate the world, as he has.  He has a long upper Thumb zone representing the Divine will.  He has used this to pierce into his ‘Higher will – to connect with higher consciousnesses and to be guided accordingly.  As a result he is able to listen to the ‘still small voice’ and catapult his willing students into what he finds important, valuable and meaningful. This includes self discovery, awareness and abiding in the formless substance of our True Nature. 

So what might be the bad-day scenarios for Eckhart?

  1. Fear of rejection from the public and self criticism (Apollo) (or possibly Oprah)
  2. Crisis of meaning and isolation (Moon)
  3. Forcing his will over Divine will (long upper Thumb zone)
  4. Moving into and remaining depressed (Head line into Moon zone)
  5. Inability to express his feelings (air hand shape) resulting in health issues
  6. His discovery coming before it’s time and being booed off stage
  7. Concerns about not pleasing the public and his family (conic tips plus life and head line mixing at starting point). 


I’d love to read Eckhart’s fingerprint patterns to determine his Soul’s calling.  Prior to birth he elected for certain course material to master at Life University.  The life he was born to live is hidden within the blueprint of those skin carvings.  The challenges decoded from the fingerprints are growth material for advancement and awakening.  He has by no means completed his curriculum.  Scholarly? Yes.  Master path?  Indeed.  Graduated? Not yet…. Fortunate for us! 

I have certainly taken immense pleasure in examining Eckhart’s left hand.  I sense the gift he offers even more deeply and profoundly.  Thank you Eckhart Tolle! 

KayPackard Kay Packard is an Advanced Hand Analyst. Her principal education came primarily from Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and his wife Alana Unger. Her intense training began in 2003.  Kay has also been heavily influenced by current day Vernon Mahabal, Pamelah Landers and the late William Benham.  She has taught the IIHA Hand Analysis Intensive for three years and leads other workshops to encourage self discovery.  Continuing clients also experience Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to accelerate their learning and awareness at Life University.  Visit www.kaypackard.com