Life Schools

By Kay Packard

Life is an everlasting experience of trial and error… if we’re lucky.  Experience is required at Earth-University!  Imagine if there are different schoolhouseschools each of us are attending, as part of our life pilgrimage.  They have the school names: Service, Love, Wisdom, and Peace.  Could each of us actually be living from a consciousness of one of these four schools?  Could the core of our soul be operating from a deeply rooted desire to advance and master one of these schools?  

Would you behave differently if you realized that you are attending one of these schools?  Would you prepare for exams and drive yourself to succeed to graduate with honors? Would you procrastinate in your studies?  Would you operate with the attitude of just getting by?   

The print patterns on a person’s finger tips can be read to identify the life-school that individual is attending. In 1985 Richard Unger founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis and he discovered that our fingerprints contain codes which reveal our life school.  They are summarized as follows: 

Service:  This school is designed to develop the ability to be of Service, to ‘choose’ service.  This student has a constant desire to help, not control.  S/he struggles between obligation and genuine service until appropriate boundaries are set.  A boundary is set by knowing when to say, and actually saying “no”.  Living outside the boundaries, in a place of excessive duty and obligation leads to resentment.  To master the path of Service 1) set boundaries 2) learn to make requests 3) fill your appetite- do for your Self.  Key phrase: Service yourself, others, and the planet at your pace.  

Love:  This school is designed to develop the ability to love the self and others.  The person in this school operates from a consciousness of love and connection.  Witnessing and experiencing meaningful relationships is a core motivator.  The lessons teach about willingness and ability to recognize and express feelings regardless of the expectation of others.   To master path of Love 1) identify your emotions, 2) allow and feel your feelings, 3) communicate your feelings appropriately, 4) do 1-3 fully and completely. Key phrase: Accept yourself just as you are.  

Wisdom:  This school is designed to develop the ability to use what you learn.  It teaches participation, not just observation.  This person sees the big picture and generally has a broad perspective.  In this school one is offered opportunities to practice commitment, to take risks.  Sitting on the fence and acting as an ‘expert’ won’t lead to mastery of this school.  To master the path of Wisdom, 1) take risks (do one scary thing a day), 2) stop over-thinking.  As a master of Wisdom, you can laugh at yourself, put yourself at stake, and experience joy.  Key phrase: “Do” with your wisdom.

 Peace:  This school is designed to develop the ability to feel safe.   Seeking a deep sense of peace within the self is the central desire.  Life lessons include dealing with responsibilities without creating an endless chain of ‘emergencies’.  It’s not uncommon to get to the peace after feeling the panic.  In remedial classes you are in the survival mode, struggling and behind on scheduled activities.  To master the path of Peace; 1) Engage in life one step at a time, 2) slow down, 3) build a foundation.  Masters of Peace get one job done at a time, realize there is time for everything, and live in the natural flow of life.  Key phrase: Be alert in your stillness.  

Does your soul-self identify with one or more of these life schools?  If you ‘knew’ you were in a training program designed to develop certain skills would you participate in life differently?    

We are attending Life University to learn, grow, and expand our consciousness.  The reason for the life-time of training is to fulfill our life-purpose.  Imagine your enrollment in one of these schools and living more fully with purpose.  The unique prints on the tips of the fingers and thumb reveal the life purpose of the owner of the hands.

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