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Let’s empower your role, goal and soul!

Is it time to make positive change in some particular area of your life? Is there something you want to say, “YES” to, but need encouragement, confidence, a plan and tools?

Why wait another minute!

Defining what you want and getting it can feel like climbing a very steep mountain. Climbing successfully through the rocky terrains of life requires a coach with expertise to properly guide and support the trekker?  

With Certified Soul Coach, Kay Packard, M.A. you will be immersed into the soul of your life, business, relationships, money, mindset and more. You will be lead step-by-step through experiential exercises to expand you into your most powerful and brilliant self so you can live with more joy and freedom – starting today!

Together with Kay, you will

  • Decipher your life purpose
  • Connect with your soul purpose
  • Pinpoint your gifts
  • Identify what you want
  • Focus your aim
  • Design powerful intentions
  • Meet your mission

 Proven, step-by-step plans give you the following:

  • Practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies and actions steps as well as the transformational inner work that’s essential for you as an advancing business owner and entrepreneur
  • The solution to challenges such as building better relationships, claiming your worth, managing money, building a business, how to charge what you’re worth, attract more clients, brand your unique brilliance, create packages that sell and more
  • What to focus on (and what to let go of) to profitably grow your business and enjoy your life
  • More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy and authentic because all the pieces fit together 

With grace and ease, focus and commitment, we’ll work together to empower your goal, role and soul.

What to expect:

  • Get “unhooked” from your emotional triggers so you can make decisions more quickly
  • See any challenging situation from different perspectives and make authentically powerful and aligned choices
  • Create unstoppable motivation and commitment to reach your goals
  • Keep from getting stuck in your story so you can move forward toward your goals and dreams

How much is it costing you (financially, mentally, physically & spiritually) to not be living the life you want to live – expanding into your greatest, God given potential? 

When you’re ready contact Kay to schedule a conversation to learn more, see if you two are a match made in heaven, and to get started.  

Please use the Contact Us online form to schedule your free Discovery Session to learn more.

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I experienced a devastating breakup last year and came to Kay in need of getting my life back on track and in alignment with my purpose. With Kay, I’ve learned so many techniques to deal with everyday life. She has shared her gifts which has helped re-ignite my light. Coaching with her has made me a better person, mother and friend. I’ve been able to identify my purpose and mission in life, develop a life plan to achieve goals, and develop my gifts. I feel more fulfilled. I’m living on purpose. Kay has been a true blessing for me. She is a gifted, non-judgmental, kind and caring spirit. I consider her my spiritual mother.  I’m forever grateful for her guidance in this exciting journey called “life.”

– Dana Bradshaw- Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Guide/Coach and Philanthropist

Pam CEO Having been profoundly inspired by my personal participation of “stepping into your brilliance archetype branding”, I knew that if I got our team on board, with Kay’s coaching, it would not only validate who they were and what they stood for, but would be a catalyst to focus our efforts in a way that was more cohesive and brilliantly clear. Goals would be brainstormed, and every one’s skills and own personal gifts would be highlighted and utilized.  

We came together on our mission statement of “creating an environment of Celebration and Prosperity”.  We’ve implemented the groups’ suggestions and have become more of a team in spirit.  We are on the same page and know what our direction is.

Guarantee your potential clients that they will receive results beyond their wildest imaginations.  As an individual, you become clear and aware of your gifts, and as a team trust is built, and their life’s, and additionally the company’s course is uplifted to the use of it’s members highest unique talents and skills.  

– Pam Lockhart, CEO El Rancho Grande Swap Meet, Tulare County’s largest outdoor market, hosting up to 10,000 guests a week


Kay’s tools helped me to clearly see the value I bring to my clients and to charge what I’m worth. Because of our work together, I’m now invoicing for work I used to do for free.  I wish I would have had these planning tools (Signature System and Archetype Branding) when I started my business 35 years ago; it would have kept me from making so many mistakes

– Owner, Landscape and Gardening


I came to Kay five months ago with a list of ten different areas in my life that needed to see improvement. For a multitude of reasons I had put my personal and spiritual growth on hold for years.  As I took a long hard look at myself, it was apparent to me that I no longer resembled the individual I wanted to be.

Kay has an exceptional gift to share in helping others achieve their most magnificent life!  She has an amazing sense of intuition which she wraps around you like a blanket, all the while full of curiosity to see exactly what it is you see.  Her curiosity invites so much possibility.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with such an innovative and committed spirit.

Through coaching sessions with Kay I have been able to see for the first time, very clearly how my life-lesson themes play out, and this has enabled me to make new choices.  Kay has given me many practical tools to use when I am faced with challenges. I have seen progress in nearly all ten areas of focus and I am certainly closer to being that person I want to be:  peaceful, confident, and happy.  Am I ready to part ways with my personal guide (Kay)?  No way!  I have found a true gem.  

– Stacie, Mom and Motel Manager

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