Heart Lines ~ The Passionate

By Hand Analyst Kay Packard

The heart line is usually one of the most noticeable etchings in your palm.  A large part of your emotional requirements system can be deciphered from this one particular line.  The heart line starts on the outer edge of your palm, under your pinkie (Mercury) finger, and sprints along the top of the palm closest to the base of your fingers. For the hand analyst, the ending point of the line is the key factor in determining your emotional preferences.

Since we employ our emotions when interacting with others, I use this line to identify the relationship requirements system of the owner of the hand. Clients have found it very helpful to understand, clarify and articulate how they like to be treated in relationship? Knowing the preferences of others and adjusting to meet their needs is also crucial for maintaining relationships.

Heart-Lines 101

The Passionate Heart

Non-negotiable need: Stimulation

True Love: Passion

Theme Song: Girls (or Boys) Just Want to Have Fun

Gift: Spontaneity

Passionate Heart Line

Passionate Heart Line

The Passionate Heart line is easy to see in this photo (left) marked in red. It crosses the upper palm and ends up under the middle (Saturn) finger.

The Passionate Heart is ‘me’ oriented.  She (or he) has interactive tendencies that are fiery, excitable, fun loving, and zealous.  He or she wants spontaneity in the relationship. You and everyone else will typically know what she wants and she expects you to do the same.  When going on vacation she may select where to go and sign up for all the fun things to do based on her muse. She has no problem being the center of attention and emotionally independent (baring other contradictory markings in the hands and fingers).

Unlike the Big Heart, others’ needs and wants typically do not come before the Passionate Heart – until she’s in her advanced state.  Neither is right or wrong.  It’s all about emotional preferences in relationship at Life University.  Honoring our preferred style is a sacred act to our self.

The longer the heart line is, the more time the owner spends in it.  Because the heart line represents the emotional system and this heart line is long and curvy, there is strong desire for emotional ‘reaction’. Feelings are ‘worn on the sleeve’. When connections are broken, she typically moves on.

If you live with a Passionate Heart, two beneficial things you can do is 1) keep things exciting and 2) give her space to snap, crackle and pop.  A sharp verbal reaction with arms flailing is not to be taken personally.  Let her move through the animation.  An advanced Passionate Heart considers the desires of others too.

One of my friends has this line of “passion”.  We’ll call him Elvis.  His likes and dislikes are very strong and absolutely known.  Elvis thrives on quads, motor cycles, 4-wheeling and NASCAR. Elvis has learned to ‘include’ his wife and children by buying toys for them too – whether they want it or not.  When I visit, he puts us all in his mini-jeep and we crawl up un-chartered hillsides over rocks and through the mud.  We don’t worry; the vehicle has a roll bar!

Note of caution:  You have TWO hands, therefore two heart lines. Your dominant hand displays characteristics to the ‘outer’ public world.  Your less dominant hand shows traits revealed at ‘home’ where you’re most comfortable and not on display. The description from the heart lines are only one aspect of so many that can be read in the hands.  Also, this is not an exercise in predictions or fortune telling, although a fortune will may find!

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