Hand Reading Circle

Hand Reading Circle for You and Your Friends 

As the Host—you receive a complimentary 45-minute private hand reading. All you do is invite 8 or 12 of your best friends to an unforgettable evening where each of your guests receive a 10-12 minute reading based on their unique fingerprints and amazing hands.

When decoded, the fingerprints reveal the life purpose and life lesson of the owner of the hands.  To know this is simply amazing and life changing.  Imagine receiving a blue print of your life calling?  It’s in your hands, literally!

Decoding fingerprint patternsInvestment: Plan on spending three to five high quality hours together.  Price depends on location and number of people. Starting cost is $40 p/p.  Please know, as a sacred circle, each person will receive just what they need to hear in the moment, based on the information in their hands.  All will also receive a 20 minute seminar on the ancient art and science of hand analysis.  Learn more about this deep-self-discovery tool.  Imagine facilitating your friends becoming more aware of who they REALLY are at Life-University!

Gift for you:  As Host, you receive a complimentary 45-minute hand analysis session at your home, my office in Three Rivers, CA  or over the phone.  Your life-fulfillment-formula will be clearly identified along with other tools for living through your lessons and firing-up your life purpose!

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Dear Kay,

I am sending this with all the love in my heart. The evening I hosted for my girlfriends started out as something fun and a reason to get the girls together. Little did I know the impact you would have on me. As you know, I am an artist and very creative soul, but lately I have been blocked and very lazy about working in my studio. After my evening with you, I could tell you had the key for me. When we spent an hour together a few days later, you opened doors for me. I have always known that I am a giver and always wanting to help everyone. My problem is setting boundaries. Your insights have impacted my life in ways I never imagined. I am working on my souls “school of service”. I have learned that I can be the giver but also the receiver! And the creative juices are starting to flow!  The evening was not only fun but you also brought this group of incredible women together to share a wonderful energy. The way you conducted the evening made everyone feel safe, open and loved. After the holidays I would like to host again and see what kind of progress we’ve all made and introduce you to some other friends. This Thanksgiving, I am focused on receiving gracefully and not being to much of a hermit!! You are a bright light Kay, I am so grateful you have entered my life. Happiness always – Betsy


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