Fingerprints: discovering the real you

By Kay Packard 

Have you ever looked at the tiny ridges on the inner surface of your fingertips or thumbs (a.k.a your fingerprints)?  Take a look.  

Then look at someone else’s around you. Notice how some ridges are verypeacock deep, some shallow, some almost too faint to see with the naked eye.  A magnifying glass is useful for observing the details of these ridges on the fingertips.  Investigators and forensic experts rely on fingerprinting for positive identification because it is the only unchangeable and infallible means to identify an individual. 

The friction ridges found on the fingers can also be seen on the palms and soles of the feet.  The biological function of the ridges is to help us grasp and hold onto things.  We can compare the lines on corduroy cloth to the friction ridges of the fingerprint. However, unlike the corduroy, the ridges vary in length, width, depth, and direction.  Below are three types of fingerprint patterns constructed from the flow of the friction ridges.                                                                                             

loopThe patterns are formed during pre-natal life and fully formed in the womb between the fourth and seventh month. Fingerprints remain unchanged in their assigned detail during the life time of the individual. 

Oodles of research over the past 100 years – including computers most recently – solidify evidence that the fingerprint patterns are unique to the owner of the hands. Professor Andre Moenssens, author of Fingerprint Techniques wrote “Studies done by many examiners have shown that the fingerprints of identical twins are different, as are the prints of triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets.” 

Now, consider that these fingerprints can be decoded to reveal a message about the unique you.  Similar to how the doctor looks at your tongue to give clues about your health, an experienced hand analyst can read the fingerprints on your fingers to define your life purpose and life lesson. 

As a hand reader, I look at each fingertip, record the number and type of print patterns, consider the appropriate learned algorithm, and theArchn describe the information to the owner of the prints.  Imagine the magnificence of knowing your life purpose. It’s your reason for being! Understanding life lessons gives us a road map of curves, bumps and dips in the road so that we can handle them with ease. 

To experience a professional hand and fingerprint analysis, or return for a follow up session, contact Kay at 559-561-4490.

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