Constructing Affirmations

By Kay Packard

This is part four of a four-part series to help remind you that your life is in your hands.  Your feelings and thoughts govern the outcome in your everyday life.  “If you wish to see why your body is the way it is – look at how you’ve been thinking for the past 10 years.  If you wish to see how your body will be in 10 years time – look at how you are thinking now. “ – Buddha

To recap, in part three of this four- part series I talked about how external influential factors come in three forms:

  1. Partner
  2. Parent
  3. Environmental


Keep your eye out to quickly identify the negative outside influences so as to maintain your sense of mind taming.  A ferocious lion will devour its trainer who is without constant faith, preparation, persistence, patience and timing.  Taming is vital for success. 

Let’s look at the props you have to help you: 

  1. Awareness
  2. Realization that past conditioning has contributed to your today
  3. Your ability to choose your thoughts
  4. Your decision to see and do differently so that you’re advancing on the ‘high road’. 

Now it’s time act.  Learning is most effective through doing. 

Do you want to make an improvement anywhere in your life?  If so, take a moment now and do something about it.  Here’s your very simple homework: 

  1. Place a piece of paper and pen in front of you.
  2. Sit up with your back straight
  3. Quiet your mind.  Take 3 deep breaths. Everything else can be put on pause for 7 minutes.  Take another deep breath.
  4. You may want to sense or visualize being in your ‘higher mind’
  5. Clarify what area you want to improve (e.g relationship, work, health etc)
  6. Write out your declaration to that which you desire to improve
  7. Say it out loud five times
  8. Keep your affirmation visible – in your purse, on the bathroom mirror and at your desk 


Examples of affirmations you might want to use, modify or trigger your own creative process:

  • I am successful
  • I live with abundance and joy
  • I feel alive with peace, calm and awareness 
  • I am whole and completely healthy
  • I am living naturally and powerfully
  • I am loving and loveable in every way
  • Every day in every way I am better and better 

Take some time now and write out your own personal affirmation.  Then watch for miracles. 

Advanced mind taming (optional):

Pretend your affirmation is an advertisement for yourself.  Now, add music to create stimulating and compelling support for living your new vow now.  

Super Advanced homework for the serious mind tamers:

Write out a number of your affirmations in a dialogue format as though they have already occurred in the past.  Perhaps even address it to a dear friend.  

Say, “Guess what Jane, I am living joyfully and abundantly at my ideal and perfect weight of _____.  It was easy and fun to achieve and I’m maintaining that weight with ease and grace.  I feel alive, vibrant and nothing is disturbing my peace of mind.  I am an outstanding positive thinker and realize fully my potential.  I love and accept my self deeply and completely.  I easily accept what I cannot change and am perfectly ok with that.  I have found it liberating to be free of the need for control and judgments of others.  I am grateful for my new me, everyday.  This is a powerful practice that I am perfecting in each moment.  I have allowed new creations to come through me and am living as God created me.  I am in complete joy.” 

heartParting Comments 

You are bombarded with choices every day.  You face hundreds of invisible forks in the road along the way.  There are a number of ‘realities’ going on simultaneously before your very eyes. Who’s in control of what you’re seeing and making those decisions?  YOU.  No one else is making the choices for you, unless you let them.  Watch and insist on positive thoughts and beliefs.  Notice, be aware, and perform. Be tenacious!  Awareness is tremendously powerful and is required as the first step in positive change. 

Remember, the past is gone.  What you hold about the past is simply in your mind.  The past is really just a thought.  You can choose to let go of what no longer serves you.  When you are present in the moment, in the now, you are free.   If you know about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tap down the anxiety or tension associated with the past.  Take a walk, do Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi. get into your passionate self doing what makes you feel the very best in the presence of your being. Be a “Possible-ist” – set up your own reality – new in each moment. 

Consider selecting a role model who is doing/living how/what you want to do/live.  Imagine what she thinks, how she feels, how she handles adversity.  How might she visualize achieving her goals?  What affirmations might she employ and how dedicated is she to her personal declarations? 

If you really want positive change in any area of your life, read this article again and take action now…. Or not.  No doubt, the choice is truly yours.

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