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Power, Ambition and the Trigger Finger

by Kay Packard

150px-Jupiter_Smyrna_Louvre_Ma13Zeus is famous for being the god of the sky and thunder.  He caused catastrophic destruction all in the name of his vision, values, principles and his desire for status and turf.  All these characteristics are identified with the trigger finger – the index finger – or in palmistry terms – Jupiter.  Jupiter and Zeus are the same character. Cronus, Zeus’ father, ruled over all gods until Zeus dethroned him and seized the power for himself.  Zeus lived as the mightiest of all. 

Like Zeus, authority figures demonstrate high, moral and righteous characteristics as well as self serving, violating, and compromising characteristics.  Power equals fulfilled ideals.  Influential people, acting positively, empower others to be powerful.  

The trigger finger is named as such because it is used to pull the trigger on the squirt gun or the AK-47 Kalashnikov automatic riffle. It’s used to get things started, to get people to look in a favored direction or to act in a particular way. 
Think about what your Jupiter finger does and why. When the index finger is raised to your lips, people usually quiet down.  When we want money, we use it to press the buttons at the ATM. It can also set off a chain reaction beyond our minds’ comprehension.

Your Jupiter finger and hands provide evidence as to how you wield your persuasion skills.   Look at your index finger.  Is it ‘healthy’ looking, tilted, leaning, wide, thin, long, short or even missing? Are parts of it damaged?  All of this has significance and can be interpreted by a reputable Hand Analyst.  The display of the finger doesn’t make a person better or worse, right or wrong.  It simply shows the individuals’ inclination for personal expression of leadership, influence, command, and vision.  Is that level of inclination serving positively or negatively? 

Long range visioning is associated with the sky god.  What you do with your visions relates to your belief in possibilities, the choices you make and the aim of your goals.  Dreams and ideals drive action toward accomplishment.  The high achiever is good with opposition because she keeps her eye on the prize.  A high achiever plays with fear of success and the fear of being tested.  She may go through stages of indecisiveness and procrastination.  But her ideals, dreams, visions, and determination help get her back on track; re-kindling the ambition. The master puts feelings of inadequacy, intimidation, and numbness to work for herself. 

How do you feel about power?  What does it mean to you?  Where do you witness authority in your life?  On the power path many toggle between being a bully on one side and victim on the other.  The bully’s approach is to crush everything in sight while on their happy path to authority and dictatorship.  The victim’s approach is to hide behind “poor me” “I don’t know how” “I can’t”.  If you’re experiencing either of these extremes it’s definitely time to look at your own personal power and to fool around with it. There is a happy medium. Like the volume control on your home stereo, you’re learning how to get it to the right setting for you.  Are you delegating your power?  If so how?  Just observe how you may be giving away or getting in the way of your own power. 

One of the many life lessons that are revealed in the finger tip patterns is feelings of powerlessness.  The person with this lesson has signed up to discover her personal authority and to trust it.  They must learn this lesson through feeling like they have zero power.  This can be zero power in the home with the family or in the job/career or both.  I often hear “But I can’t live my purpose (be happy) because of my responsibilities and commitments to the family (or job)…which, oh by the way, I didn’t have a say in.” 

Steps for taking control

1) Notice where you’ve handed over your power
2) Get a clear perspective
3) Make a new choice for yourself 

The result?  Balance.  Balance between self (e.g. standing up for the self, your feelings, your personal wants and desires) and the ‘other’ (e.g. family, career, community and government).  Someone else’s plan or goals may conflict with yours. Getting into balance may require polishing up on your confrontation skills. 

Who is the primary authority in your life?  Does your command come from inside or outside?  How do you manage your own emotions? If the skeptic is coming out to respond to or judge this information, all the more reason for you to take a look at how you’re allowing (or not) your passions and dreams to surface.  Experiment with your trigger finger by creating your boundaries, standing your ground and living your passions. Stop letting others hijack your dreams.

It is perfectly natural to make mistakes along the way.  Remember, we’re all moving along the path from student to master!  At Life University, it’s required to do too much and too little, before we get to ‘just right’.

“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go” said Bernard Malamud.  Who are the hero’s and great leaders you look upon? And where is your ‘inner hero’? What leadership style do you value most?  Is Tiger Woods a leader in golf because golf is his passion, because he enjoys competition, status, money and/or because of his father’s dream?  It seems Mahatma Gandhi was driven by purpose and vision for harmony.  Attributes you see in your hero are aspects you possess as well.  How you develop and use your leadership skills is your choice.  You may not need to be the Lord of the Sky, but you will be more fulfilled living in your authority, consciously choosing your system of influence and empowerment within and without.  How are you wielding your Jupiter finger?  Take a look and let me know.