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2-Weeks to India

Kay Packard IndiaOnly two weeks until lift off from LAX to DEL. While my plans are well intended, I am also prepared for the plan to fall apart for a better outcome. I’ve spent about 5 hours trying to purchase a domestic airline ticket with IndiGo. The online reviews for IndiGo were excellent. I learned that one of my credit cards won’t ever work when trying to buy something internationally (ugh). RABO Bank was the best to work with using their issued credit card. Throughout the purchasing adventure, I chatted with about 6 IndiGo agents and they all were so helpful. My Rabo credit card has actually been charged $297USD so I’m hopeful when we arrive at the airport on Feb. 27 to fly to Chennai that we’ll actually have the appropriate reservations. Ultimately, I want to get to the Sri Ramanashramam in Tiruvannamalai. We have been approved to stay at the Ashram for 3 nights and I’m simply delighted beyond words. The lesson of patience and perseverance continues!

Meet the Patels

We leave for India in just over 3.5 weeks. Low and behold, “Meet the Patels” popped up on the current film options on Netflix last night. We watched it and loved it. I learned so much about the Indian culture deeply rooted in family and community. The Patels takes the meaning of tribe to a whole new level. When I worked at Boeing, in IT, our CIO was Indian. I had a number of Indian workmates then, too. More than anything I appreciate the Indian loyalty to family and friends. I love India!

India, I love you!

Kay at the Taj 2010This photo was taken of me in front of the Taj Mahal in May, 2010. I’m grateful to travel companion, Pam Beck who helped me get there. Seeing this ‘wonder’ was magical, indeed. While my experience of India, overall, toggled between the extremes of magnificence and meyhem, I have longed to returned for many years now.

My return trip is now booked in February 2016! Raymond, his daughter Samantha and her boyfriend, Kyle are going too. With the help of many friends who have been to various places, we are getting our itinerary mapped out. I am honored to help Raymond, Sam and Kyle see the Taj. More to come.