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Quick Tips for Abundance

InfinityProsperity participants packed The Lounge last night.  All engaged in dialogue to regain traction for abundant living.  Below are key points for winning the game. We imagined playing soccer.

Assess your fears so you can determine the reality about them – Fear of the opponent soccer teams goalie can be overcome by ‘watching’ it and learning how to go around it.

Notice your beliefs.  Beliefs are just thoughts and stories you replay over and over and over in you mind.  If you don’t like the belief, change it.  Do “Thought Reform” as Pam said.  Ask “Who’s belief is this, anyway?”  This is knowing your team mates, your game and the rules of the game.

Clearly identify what does Rich or Prosperous mean to you?  Is it ‘getting by’ or living your magnificence?  Write out, draw, or cut out pictures of your Vision of abundance. If you want to win at soccer thinking of water polo wont’ help. You want to ‘score’ in soccer, right?

Call in your Creator to show you the way.  Your Inner Guide will keep you on track.  Practice listening and trusting.

Trade a Thought.  Acknowledge the barrier (anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, self judgment, negativity etc.).  Then trade it for a more positive view (Love, Peace, abundance, joy, magnificence, brilliance, self acceptance, etc) instead.  These are your ‘plays’.

Act as if your vision and goal have been achieved.  Feel the success in your core! Visualize the soccer ball whizzing by the goalie and the score board in your favor.

Tap, tap, tap.  If you know about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) do it! Pressure points near the surface of the skin can be gently tapped on, while addressing limiting thought causes, to free up the invisible log jams in the body’s energy system. This is team practice.

Act.  Do something now. Be in alignment with your vision. Explore.  Be adventurous. Be courageous.  Have FUN playing your game!

Empty Mind-Blooming Spirit

By Kay Packard

Spring growth and color is spell binding after the chill of winter.  Hearing the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun is a welcome change.  Regardless of the season, our lives are full of activity. Nature keeps busy too, in perhaps a more sensible way.  Take notice of nature. 

What happens when you ignore the caution sign to slow down but you keep your foot on the accelerator? I know; it’s not a pretty sight.  With practice we can experience ease and tranquility as routine? 

babajiLet’s start with our minds. Our minds manage our bodies.  Our thoughts determine our outer experiences. Our minds need to be trained to concentrate and focus so that we can free ourselves from the excessive chaos. Yes, nature has her torrential storms which support the cycle of life – death and regeneration.  Some storms may appear as chaos, and can create pandemonium in our lives, if we allow it.  How we see ‘it’ is key. 

Do you choose to see the light or the dark, the happy or the sad, the peace or the turmoil? Or neither? I’m not proposing that there is a right answer.  I am suggesting we notice how we ‘see things’ in our lives.  Looking at something slightly differently may bring a new level of peace and calm to any situation. 

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