Create what you want

By Kay Packard

Are you stepping forward on your life path?  Are your ideas, designs, and conceptions moving into finished formations, products, actions, and accomplishments?  Are you where you want to be in life?  “I’m happy with my life” said a fellow-shopper at the Village Market.  “Hooray” I said.  What does it take to craft the existence you want; producing the special effects in your life-film?  What’s driving the script of your daily, weekly, monthly, annual scenes?  Let’s start with a simple question: Is your mind focused on the positive or negative; the high or low points? 

The environment you’re living, breathing and moving in is based on the play ground or battlefield in your mind.  So which thoughts are you entertaining?  It’s worthwhile to reassess how consciousness plays a role in your creativity, especially since there are so many calls for your attention. These demands can come from a negative sources like fear, self doubt, guilt, and TV).  

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” describes Thirty-one major causes of failure based on the analysis he performed with several thousand people.  A vital step is to discover the causes of failure standing between you and success.  

Can you identify with any of these:  Lack of self discipline, procrastination, over-caution, prejudice, intolerance, or lack of a well defined purpose?  

One he didn’t mention, which I believe is significant, is having a dreadful attitude.  What do you do with those causes of failure once you identify them?  Transform them into knowledge.  Use them for your benefit by playing with them, observing, and overcoming them.  The lesson offered is a most precious treasure. 

The starting point for every victory is desire.  What is the deepest longing of your heart?  Wait.  Hold it.  Something came to your mind.  Get a pad of paper, a pen, and take a few minutes to answer some questions. Joseph Faust ( founder of the Life Coaching Works used the following questions with me.. I answered them back in 2002 and am enthusiastically living the answers now.  The intent is to get clear about your truest and deepest desires.   

1.  What do you really, really want, more than anything?

2.  How will you know when you have it? 

3.  Where, when, and with whom do you want it? 

4.  How will your desired result affect other aspects of your life?

5.  What stopped you from having your desired result already? 

6.  What resources do you have that will contribute to you getting to your desired result? 

7.  What additional resources would you like that would help you create or get your result? 

8.  How are you going to get there?  Identify 3-5 steps you’re going to take to get there.  

Now, imagine yourself experiencing what you want, fully and completely.  Are you able to imagine yourself living from that place now?   Entertain yourself with an experiment.  Live now, as though you have what you want.  

The title of a book by Wayne Dyer has kept me pondering:  “You’ll See It When You Believe It”.  What do you think?  

Yes, it takes effort and mind training to modify our thought patterns.  You have a choice in thought, just like you do when you come to a junction while hiking on a trail.  “Do I go left, right, cross country, back where I came from, or stop for lunch”?   Where is your destination? Where do you want to get?  My all-time-favorite fortune cookie script foretells:  “If you can shape it in your mind, you’ll find it in your life”.

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