About Hand Analysis

Kay Packard reading handsThe unique patterns inscribed on your fingertips can be decoded to reveal a wealth of information about you and your greatest potentials. As the Hand Analyst, I analyze your fingerprints besides the palm. This non-predictive hand analysis system is used to reveal your life path, life lessons and life purpose from a soul perspective. Antidotes are provided to help you integrate your life lesson and your life purpose for optimum living. What could be more important than knowing your life purpose and knowing how to live it?

The patterns on your fingertips were designed when you were in the womb, five months prior to birth. Your fingerprints never change throughout your life. They identify the unique you from everyone else. Unlike the finger tip patterns, the rest of your hand does change. The lines, shape, size, color, flexibility and other markings are likely to change over time.

Your life purpose is constantly calling out for your attention. Gift markings can appear and disappear overtime which when learned about, also provide insight for the owner related to career direction and deep levels of fulfilment. Sometimes we listen to the messages and pay attention and sometimes we don’t. When living on purpose ‘it all’ makes sense, there is meaning to life and life is full!

Your life lesson is your least evolved skill. It’s your blind spot. When you’re told about it you may say “Can I trade that one in?” But what a blessing they are when clarified, played with and mastered. Our lessons are required to fulfill our life purpose. Lessons are just like the dirt/soil which nourishes and supports the most beautiful flower — the purpose. As we tend to our lessons our purpose moves into full bloom.  This is your sacred work!

The secret is to identify and embrace your lessons on a regular basis to develop your talents and advance your skills and therefore create a more meaningful life. This is your opportunity to identify and capture tools to accelerate your learning at Life-University. My goal is to facilitate you expanding your consciousness, finding greater perspective and seeing more clearly!

Invest in yourself to create a more fulfilling life. Chart your own course by using the life-fulfillment-formula revealed through your hands and fingerprints. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Your life is literally in your hands.

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