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In every conversation, both internally and externally, you are affirming the substance of the dialogue.  Are you paying attention before, during and after your “talks”?  

What is an affirmation? Synonyms include: Statement, Assertion, Confirmation, Pronouncement, Declaration, Verification, Reinforcement, and Expressing dedication to. 

In essence, you’re firming up what you’re thinking. 

Let’s look behind the words to the thoughts, beliefs, intentions and perceptions. When you hold on to a particular perception, you express dedication to that view whether positive or negative. Affirmations are often considered as a positive thing, but as you can see from the list of synonyms, its about what you’re “giving power to”.  

Calling“Consider this: Affirmations are among the most powerful tools we can use for personal transformation.  They are highly reliable, easy to use and are based on impeccable logic.” –Gary Craig (www.emofree.com). 

Affirmations condition new thoughts and therefore reality.  Most of us affirmed we’d get through the 8th grade.  Friends, parents, society, and ourselves, all pronounced we’d graduate from 8th grade.  There really was no other option.  Some continue on and reinforce plans for high school, college and in some cases graduate school.  The beliefs and declarations are personal to each individual. 

Let me say:  You deserve, and have the power to create and own your best and most magnificent life!  Repeat with me:  I deserve and have the power to create and own my very best and most magnificent life.  It’s one thing to say it, another to believe it. Think for a moment how powerful you are.  Look at what you have accomplished in your life, so far, and what stimulated those accomplishments. 

Take a moment, now and imagine holding onto a lemon. In your mind, cut it in half. Take one half and put it up to your nose and smell it. Rest your tongue on the wet citrus and lick it. Can you taste it? Is your mouth watering yet?  It’s unwise to underestimate the power of your imagination. 

Self sabotage adds an interesting twist.  Social conditioning and response can disrupt access to your internal guidance system.  The first step to constructive change is noticing.  Any time you say “but” after a positive affirmation you are denying the possibility of that desired condition.  “I want to go to college but I don’t have the money.”  The tail end of the statement negates the desire to go to college.  “My perfect and ideal weight is xxx lbs, but I might fail if I try to loose the weight.”  The possibility of failing extinguishes the aspiration to achieve your best weight. “I want to weigh xxx but I don’t want the special attention I might receive.” Or “then I’ll have to spend money on new cloths.” 

Just notice when and how often you use the word “but.”  How does it serve you? 

Another saboteur is the word “try” which means to make an attempt.  Does “try” strengthen or weaken your affirmation?  Watch your intention around the word “try”.  Empower yourself through your decision to either do or not do. 

Consider affirming:  “I am an amazing, creative and worthy person!  How does it feel to say that?  Say it again, out loud.  What do you notice?   What’s going on around you, energetically, when you believe in the best possible outcome?   You’re giving life to what you accept as true. 

If you feel peaceful and free all is well.  If you feel discomfort, heaviness, a lump in your throat, having difficulty breathing, or you hear a ‘BUT’, you have work to do.  It’s not the end of the world.  You get life-credit by paying attention, noticing and being open to the unlimited possibilities. 

Watch for part 2 of this 4 part series.  Included in the next part are three (3) steps for improvement, getting started and ‘spit happens’.  

In the mean time, observe the thoughts, words and attitude you employ during your internal and external conversations.  Remember, you are worthy of living a magnificent life – now! 


Kay is a Guide for Positive Change.  Visit www.kaypackard.com to learn more about her coaching services and techniques.

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  1. bill sullivan

    I like what you wrote there, Kay. Affirmations, and our perspectives…Nice.

    Hope all is well. Fall has finally come. All best.


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