3 Steps for Improvement

Affirmations – 3 Steps for Improvement (Part 2 of 4)

By Kay Packard 

Life can only get better when we look at what we affirm everyday. In part one of this four part series the following key points were made:

1) You constantly and consistently give tremendous power to what you’re thinking and speaking whether positive or negative

2)  It’s unwise to underestimate the power of your imagination

3)  Self sabotage adds an interesting twist

4) You give life to what you accept as true

For a moment, let’s look at the grand saboteur. The saboteur is the part of us that deliberately destroys our dreams by undermining our thought system.  Self sabotage is the number one impediment to success.

To realize your hopes, desires and aspirations consider these 3 steps:

redcarpetStep 1.  IDENTIFY the core issue holding you back.  One effective way to do this is by asking yourself, “What is the root cause that is preventing me from reaching my goal?”  If an immediate answer does not come to you – guess.  Another approach is to ask, “I feel this way because…”  When you get an answer ask yourself again, “and I feel this way because…..”  At some point ask yourself, “I hold on to this idea because?”  Perhaps you were criticized, shamed or embarrassed in the past.  Perhaps at some point you felt belittled when you shared a dream or even achieved a goal.  When praise and reward is expected and the contrary is received emotional trauma can develop.

Uncovering the thought-cause is crucial to relieve the negative affects stock-piled in memory.

Step 2. ELIMINATE or dissolve that limiting thought or belief. When the core issue is uncovered simply ask, “Is this still true?”  Often times we realize the belief is no longer true… like Santa Claus.  By looking at the limiting thought or out-dated belief from three or five different angles it may likely be discarded.  What would happen if you could accept everything just as it is right now?

Step 3  REINFORCE your new way of thinking – Let’s get started. Take out a note card and a pen.  In a quiet place, think up and write down three (or more) of your own personalized affirmations that stimulates the heart of your being.   Use the present tense, as though you are experiencing it now, for example, “I am worthy” or “I live in absolute abundance.”  Keep the note card with you or post it on your mirror so that you constantly reinforce your new and improved thinking.

Existing affirmations show up in conversations and usually serve to keep us where we are.  Listen and observe the words you use. 

IMG_1262At a llama ranch, where I regularly walk, there is a yellow caution sign that says “Spit Happens.”  You know, if you get too close to those hairy creatures, they just may leave an uninvited slime on you.  We have a way of spewing too. When you catch yourself saying something to others or yourself that doesn’t lift you up and you want to retract it, you have a number of options. 

The following suggestions came from my workshop participants to recall misdirected words and thoughts:

Erase, erase
Picture a large eraser doing its job
Erase (the negative) and replace (with a positive)
Cancel, cancel
Wipe it off (as in black board)
Use the Delete key
Press the Control-alt-delete and ‘end task’
Visualize scissors cutting out the words
Scratch that
Flush it
Use the Mr Clean Magic eraser
Oops, that didn’t come out right
Stop the CD player (or tape player) and throw away the ‘recording’
Don’t take it too seriously
Forgive yourself

You don’t have to be a POW, prisoner of words.  Take charge now.  Identify, eliminate and reinforce for optimal living. 

Watch for part 3 of this 4 part series.  Included in the next part is a focus on the partner, parent and environmental factors.

Kay Packard is a Guide for Positive Change.  Visit www.kaypackard.com to learn more about her coaching services and techniques.

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